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Free Money From Rich People Fast

by Toby Cunningham

People Who Give Money Away Online (Free Money From Rich People Fast) - There are a lot of rich individuals who offer money online for free with the help of competition or different quizzes. Not often we get to hear about this but even though this concept is wrangling, providing money to individuals who need it can be a great act of kindness to help them fight their personal issues. There are some people who do not find it comfortable for begging money so they can choose this online giveaway as a solution to assist them in the best way possible. Are you aware of the people who give money away online? There are some money makers who were observed to shower money and other things. Nevertheless, this giveaway of money is only run by an institution of different individuals.

The job of this institution is to form websites that enable people to come across websites and participate in the giveaway. This technique is considered ideal because in this way the poor can get their hands on enough cash to live the life they deserve. Sadly, there are many illegal websites that are formed by negligent individuals who guarantee to provide money as a giveaway. So make sure to keep this in mind. Always check if the website you’re accessing is trustworthy so that you cannot be played by the scammers. Read below to see the legal websites that provide free money giveaway.

People Who Give Money Away Online 2023

How to Get Free Money from Rich People Fast

Hold on! Don’t be too eager to jump in the list of the legitimate website so fast. It is convenient to go through the process that requires following in order to get give away of money from websites instead of looking at the list directly.

Account Creation

The first thing to do before you participate in a giveaway from individuals online is to create an account. This is the way to mould yourself in the condition. There are websites who will take extra money for getting to the stage of enlistment. If you see any suspicious activity on the website, it is better to skip that one and move forward. Always make sure to go through reviews of people of the website before you go ahead and enlist your name in their account.

Story Distribution

The key to winning these giveaways is providing a fruitful story. If you have that, you can in. keep in mind that writing precisely to the point will help you gain the attention of professionals and increase your chances of winning.

Story Submission

Once you have completed the story, make sure to send it to the mediator of the website. Only this time you can hope that your story will be worthy of getting promoted. Most of the time the story is promoted with the help of ads which means once it is promoted, you can win money.

Achievement In the Form of Money 

In case if you win, the typical requirement of the site is to have a PayPal account. The companies who offer these giveaways will submit the money to your account which you can use as cash later, the process sounds super easy, doesn’t it? No wonder so many people want to join this amazing giveaway.

You don’t always have to write a story about winning a giveaway, sometimes there are quizzes and riddles that need to be solved. It actually depends on the website host on what method they choose to offer money. Are you aware of the fact that the process of participating in a money giveaway is known as begging? However, do not despair because this online process of begging is completely legal. This is due to the reason that the individuals who are offering this money are not forced to do this, they do it with their full consent.

Why do individuals discourage this act of lawful begging if it is so helpful to the needy? As much as poor people want to take advantage of this, this method is mostly considered as low morale. The problem occurs when you are asking for money with made up stories in order to receive money. Make sure to be cautious before choosing the websites you wish to go ahead with the giveaway.

Best List to Ask Money from Rich People 2023

All right, we are done with the processes. Let's shift our focus on the individuals who provide money as an online giveaway. Kindly keep in mind that the name of these individuals will not be mentioned but there will be lawful websites that will invite you to participate in their giveaway. This is due to the fact that individuals create numerous institutions and websites to spread awareness. If you are in need of money, check out these websites.

BegsList - Url


This is the first website where you can ask for money from the millionaires who are available on The process is simple. Write “ask” on the instructed place on the website and you will be good to go. The purpose of asking for money is also essential such as if you want to pay for food, schooling, lease and so on. Your request will be seen by the millionaires and they will decide if you live up to the requirements to go ahead with the procedure. Doing so will grab money in your pocket effortlessly.

GoFundMe - Url


This webpage will enable you to receive funds from strangers. You can think of this website as a fundraiser as the mediator will get several reports about the individuals who are in need. The website then moves on with the process of offering money to these people by the method of raising money. It is most suitable for individuals who are looking for medical assistance or are unable to pay the bills of the hospital. No goals or deadline is required to go ahead. You can withdraw the amount even if it is paid in half after deduction of 2.9% processing fee and 30 cents for every donation.

The best part about this website GoFundMe is that it is easy to use and mobile friendly. You can also share this website on your social media accounts and who knows who you will end up helping? Doing so will also aid in keeping you posted with the procedure of fundraising. This is why it is easy to analyze how much funds are collected by fundraising. Collectively, GoFundMe is observed to raise an amount of more than $5 billion.

Fundly - Url


Fondly is a website that enables individuals to join a giveaway that enables individuals to raise money and promote their services in any given location. Fundlycom helps you in accessing the poor and needy that are in your area. It is supported by Facebook and is a considerable giveaway of money.

Fundlycom is also the perfect method to achieve the aim of helping needy people. You can create a free campaign if you are planning on joining a website. Nevertheless, they do deduct 4.9% of the donation you receive. In addition to this, you must pay 3% for the fees of processing. The best thing about Fundly is that you can get the money even if the target is achieved.

Kickstarter - Url


Another website for fundraising is Kickstarter that focuses on a particular product, invention and idea of business. When participating in this website, you must follow the rules and regulations. Individuals are not allowed for partial funding. This implies that if you aim for $70,000 but only manage to raise $50,000, then you will not be able to withdraw the money until the goal has been reached. Like other websites, Kickstarter will deduct 5% from the total funds you have collected, in addition to this, you will have to pay the processing fees of %% too along with 20 cents for every pledge you make. Make sure to provide whole information related to your project in order to raise money.

Indiegogo - Url


If you are planning on finding a lawful website for people and nonprofits, Indiegogo should be considered. You can access the money even if the money is raised half of the amount which is contrary to what Kickstarter offers. You will be given the freedom to post any project but you only have to make sure that it’s not unlawful. Majority of people joining this website consist of revolutionary ideas for every project.

The individuals who are offering online money through Indiegogo will decide if you are eligible to get the money or not. It is totally fine if you raise only half an amount from the campaign. Indiegogo gives you an opportunity to either extend the time of campaign or withdraw the existing money. Indiegogo chooses not to apply for a deadline if the individuals apply for a deadline of 30 to 60 days.

Crowfunder - Url


Are you in need of capital for running your small business? You may be stuck in this situation but there is a huge company who is willing to offer you some donation and Crowfunder will be the medium. It is considered as one of the best websites that provide solutions for fundraising for the capital of small businesses. You only have to deposit a submission fees of $299 per month and the rest will be handled by Crowfunder. They will help you in creating contact with potential investors who are willing to offer their funds to build your business. The site has been observed of raising $150 million+ along with a premium package that starts from $299 to $499.

BoostUp - Url


Last but not least, BoostUp is the website where you can access such people who are willing to give away their money. This site is recommended for people who are looking for long-term funds for purchasing a car or a house. BoostUp does not have a rule book to follow and it is completely free. They will not deduct anything. In order to start the procedure of fundraising, make sure you have your savings account ready so that relatives and friends will be able to deposit their funds to your account.

List Of Millionaires Who Give Away Money Online 2023

1. Larry Page of Google

2. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

3. Bill Gates of Microsoft

4. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway

5. Chuck Feeney

Lastly, online platforms serve as an opportunity for people who are begging for money. With these platforms, it will be convenient to come across individuals who are offering funds for various purposes. Nevertheless, it is very important to choose which platform is ideal and which platform is not. These websites will help you in finding the websites that are offering money giveaway online.

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