20 Best Free Music Download App for Android 2023

by Toby Cunningham

20 Best Free Music Download App for Android 2023 - Most smartphones operate under the android system. Play Store gives a user preference to a variety of apps that can be used to download music. All the preferred music downloading applications are available in Play Store. However not all music downloading applications are the best. Most people would ask themselves "what is the best free music download the app for android 2023?” We are here to give you the answers.

There are some fantastic applications that you can download directly from the play store app. However, not all apps will have the feature of listening to music on offline mode. The downloading music applications will enable you to listen to music without any internet connection, and you can save your Mbs that you would rather waste away when streaming.

The internet has changed the music industry. Initially, you may download music without any legal subscription which was illegal due to copyright issues.

Best Free Music Download App for Android 2023

Many sites are available on the internet that one can download free music. You need to have an internet connection by streaming. if a song is originally from a legal source, and users pay for the service. Some applications have free services alongside premium plans to have more users.

Best List of Free Music Download App for Android 2023

It is essential to know that the following applications are legal to download. Some downloads can play in offline mode. The music is not available from your internal storage but only from these specific apps. You cannot download the music to your phones internal storage.

These applications store the music as cached data. You cannot copy this file to other mobile devices. It is not accessible. To listen to music, you need to open an account. Thus one of the features that these free music downloading apps 2023 have.

1. Google Play Music - Url

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

As the name suggests, Google operates by play music. It offers podcast streaming services and music. Users can listen to over forty thousand songs with no cost after opening a standard account. On a paid service a user can be able to access more features of this application like listening to on-demand streaming of songs.

Google play music has evolved since its previous 4.0 or KitKat. An advantage of this application is that you can save your songs directly to your phone's storage device and you can also have access to YouTube premium service. Google play music also supports different file versions such as mp3, ACC, FLAC among others.

2. Spotify - Url


Spotify is a Swedish online music downloader. Podcasts and music are DRM protected. The free features of this downloader include pop up ads and automatic music videos. The improved streaming qualities are however under a paid subscription. With Spotify, you are assured access to over thirty million tracks. You can also browse by options such as album, artist or genre. You can also share, edit or create playlists. Spotify is not only available in android OS but also on windows, IOS, MacOs among others. The friendly user interface allows users to download and listen to music effectively.

3. Soundcloud - Url


Soundcloud is a platform that distributes online audio and enables users to upload, share and promote sound. One of the fantastic features is that you can listen to the uploaded files through URLs such as Twitter, Facebook. It also has reshared buttons that correspond to the target site such as Facebook or Twitter. The free service is useful since users can upload audio files of up to 180 minutes at zero cost. Soundcloud graphically displays audio as waveforms; users can upload timed comments on any part of the track.

The user can also create a playlist, like audio and even follow another user. Soundcloud also supports different file formats such as MP2, MP3, ALAC, WMA files among many others. Soundcloud comes with subscription services such as Soundcloud Pro and SoundCloud Go.

One of the reasons why SoundCloud is the best of this list because users can listen to the audio while offline. The user can also search for audio files based on the album, artist or genre. You can look for remix songs that are otherwise rare to see in the official catalog. If you are a new artist, SoundCloud is for you. The friendly GUI and the user interface are easy to navigate.

4. Joox - Url

20 Best Free Music Download App for Android 2023: Joox
20 Best Free Music Download App for Android 2023: Joox

Tencent owns this music downloader app. Asian countries such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar use it. Joox is a free music downloading app; however, some songs are only accessible through a paid subscription.

Joox is like other free music downloading applications such as Spotify since you can stream. You can legally download the music. The music that you listen to is stored. Through the storage, you can still listen to it in offline mode. For this fantastic feature, Joox is the most recommended.

5. Napster - Url


With Napster, you can listen to music all you want. Napster has innovative and unique features such as the music intelligence engine that gives recommendations based on other peoples listening habits. It also provides the user with options to listen to trending music from their preferred favorite artist and also the type-ahead capability.

With the free service, you are capable of accessing over thirty-five million songs from major and indie labels. For business, the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence features give you analytical data that will have your business questions answered.

6. YouTube - Url


YouTube is also among the list of the best free music download the app for android 2023.YouTube is an online platform that allows its users to upload, share, rate, viewed to a playlist, comment on videos, report and subscribe videos for other users. If you are an unregistered user, you can only watch videos from YouTube. You can view private content after you confirm that you have attained the ages of 18 and above.

YouTube can use a variety of video formats; H 264, VP9, MPEG-4 AVC, AV1 among others. With YouTube, the user does not require the adobe flash player plugin. The user can upload up to 15-minute videos. However, if the user has been a member for an extended period, one can upload videos of up to 12 hours long.

We can consider YouTube as music downloading application since the user can download music and watch it offline. Some of the video contents in YouTube do not have original graphics but audio or sound.

7. Amazon - Url


Despite being a retail and online market place, Amazon also offers music services whereby you can buy DRM (Digital Rights Management) contents. Some of the music is not free. However, you can access them without any charge. It sells music from the major music labels such as Warner, Universal, EMI, and Sony BMG and many more. However, some licensing agreements cancel some countries from selling music.

The music streaming is accessible from the Amazon.com web player or other music player applications that are compatible with android, windows, Linux, IOS and many more. The fantastic thing about Amazon music downloader is the fact that you can play your music offline after downloading it from the application.

8. 4shared - Url


4shares is a cloud storing music downloader service. Users can upload their audio files. They can store them with 4shared. You can access other records from other users through the search mode feature, and this is one of the reasons why it is among the best music downloading apps for 2023.

The 15 GB storage space is available for the user at a zero price. You can access your files from anywhere at any time. However, 4shared is not all that safe you might download DRM file which is illegal. Be careful not to break the copyright rules and regulations. Despite this, you can still download the content that you want to hear.

9. Rock My Run - Url

Rock My Run
Rock My Run

This music downloading application contains music mixes that will motivate you during your workouts in the gym. Rock My Run downloading app includes thousands of music mixes produced by world known DJs such as David Guetta, Major Lazer among others.

You can personalize your music based on your heart rate, your steps or even ideal cadence making you hear the right music at your preferred tempo. The kind of music that you want to listen to is in a different genre, and the tags let you know the type of music on the list. The song can be downloaded online and played in offline mode.

10. Audiomack - Url


Audiomack is an audio distribution and music streaming platform that enables users to upload podcasts and music to listeners across its mobile apps and sites. When using this platform, you should not worry about paywall you can enjoy free playback service. Security of your information is guaranteed through the fingerprinting requests to police unauthorized sharing.

This platform is the best for new and upcoming artists to showcase their music. You can also find popular and viral content. With the offline mode feature, you can download and play content without the use of the internet.

11. Live Music Archive

With this platform, you can view live performances from various artists of your choice. The contents herein are free due to public domain regulation. You should not pay for anything.

12 Free Music Archive - Url

12 Free Music Archive
12 Free Music Archive

Free music archive is also among the best music downloaders in 2023. All the contents in the downloader are music related such as live performances, songs, among others. You can try the streaming anywhere with or without an internet connection. You can download files in offline mode.

Tips on Best Free Music Download App for Android

Other than the mentioned applications, play store offers many different kinds of music downloading applications. However, it is essential to note that some music downloader applications will offer illegal downloads. In case the app is not in play store you can use APK. Illegal content is a major issue. The main reason why Google made the play store is because of preventing violations of copyright laws

Free Music Download Apps For Android.

Free Mp3 Downloads

Advanced Download Manager

Simple MP3 Downloader

Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro

Copyleft MP3 Downloader

Music Download Elite

APK installation not provided in the play store. When using APK, it will be challenging to know the legality of the content. Your device might be at risk since the downloaded content might download malware too.

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