Best Free Music Download Sites in 2023

Legal Free Music Downloads

by Toby Cunningham

Best Free Music Download Sites in 2023 - Among the free things you can enjoy from the internet, music is one. Great news for music lovers!

A peep through the internet presents you with lots of free music download websites. But one thing is sure about these websites; they aren’t legal. So, while you may think of where to find the solace of downloading free music without fears, we’ve got you covered.

Why Looking for Best Sites to Download Free Music?

Many people are septic of the perfect website to download music. Other people are battling with how to download music from the internet. If you fall into any of these categories, we are here to help you out. This list of websites to download free music is designed to help you. All that you need to do is click on the website’s name. Once you are redirected to the website, click on the download button. And just with that, you favorite free music will keep flying into your device. Below is the free list of best music sites in 2023. Or visit this page for the full list of free music Downloader MP3 for your songs and collections.

List of Best Free Music Download Sites in 2023

1. Jamendo Music - Site Link

Jamendo Music
Jamendo Music

The Creative Commons License secures every song you’ll come across in this website. This implies that you can download any music on the website safely. But, you are not likely to find the mainstream tracks here.

Jamendo fits perfectly for people in search of the current playlist. This is so because the site update songs regularly. Another unique feature of Jamendo is that they also license music. So, if you need to license any music for film or commercial, can get it here at a fair price.

2. SoundCloud - Site


SoundCloud is popular for unlimited music streaming and download all for free. Many people even refer to it as a top Spotify option for online music at no cost.

It is only famous musicians and independent artist you will find uploading music here. So, to search for a song, you can use the artist or band tags as your search word. SoundCloud also contains a few remixes of Hindi songs which you can download for free.

But you may have to like a page on Facebook to get songs here. Also, not all the songs here are free to download.

3. ReverbNation - Website Link


Popular bands such as Imagine Dragon, The Civil Wars, and Alabama gained their popularity through ReverbNation. They could gain their popularity by uploading their music free on this website. With that, gathering a large fan-base came without hassles.

Major genre collection on this website includes; Pop, Hip-Hop, and alternative. With the impressive catalog of ReverbNation, many music fans enjoy downloading music here.

From the Discover section, you can enjoy a wide playlist of music you never knew existed to download.

4. SoundClick - Website


If you want to download music straight from an artist’s website, SoundClick can help you out. It is on this website you can find lots of artists who are giving their songs out for free. Besides this, you can as well purchase licensed music or download the ones that free lawfully.

This website is a little cluttered and difficult to navigate. But one good thing about it is that you can read about the artists who are on the website. Also, you can interact with other song lovers on the website.

More so, you can also send a personalized mail in the form of an e-card to other people. You may choose a customized theme, text and your favorite song as the background music. With SoundClick, you are the potter that designs what suits best for you.

5. YouTube


No matter the type of music or video you want to stream or download, YouTube is large enough to give you all that you want.

But, you must be extra smart to download songs from YouTube. Again, you can’t download every song you see on YouTube.

If you need safe and free tracks to download, look for those having a CC license. But, some license terms may require you to pay the artist before you can use any song in any other platform. Scared of charges? Never mind, it only a token you can pay without taking you’ve spent some bucks.

6. - Site Link

In 2002, was established. During this time, it was basically an online radio station. Later in 2005, it was adopted by Audioscrobbler as a free music download website. With, you can download a wide variety of songs from different genres.

Amazingly, many users don’t know that one of the top websites to download free music is Clickhere to see the list of songs you can download from for free. Yes, we mean 100% free without spending a dime.

7. CCTrax - Site Link


Need some free and safe music to download? Check out CCTrax for Creative Common music. The interface of the website is easy to navigate, and finding music is easy. You can easily find your favorite music either by label, artist, genre or license.

If you need online songs, there are lots of them here. Techno, Dub, Ambient, Electronica, just name it, you’ll find it here. Need to kill tons of birds with a stone? Sure yes will be your answer. With CCTrax you can download an entire album from a click. Once this is you goal, the album will be downloaded in a ZIP format that contains all the tracks.

Also, you can download or listen to any music on this website without having an account. All that you need it simply visit this website and you’ll find a thousand and one songs waiting for your listening delight.

8. Epitonic

Epitonic was established in 1999, and it remains an old website for free music.The creators mean this site for free MP3 that are lawfully available for downloading and streaming. Through the online audio stream, you can search for new tracks here. You can also create your own personal playlist on the site once you sign up. The well-organized layout of the website into artists, genres, and labels makes it easy to find music.

9. Audiomack - Site Link


This is a new platform for sharing good music with an easy-to-navigate interface. This feature makes Audiomack the best alternative to SoundCloud. The flexible layout of Audiomack makes the best music download spot for music lovers.

You can quickly find any music from the different sections; Top songs, Top Album, and Trending. If you need the hottest Electronic, Reggae and Hip-Hop music, go to the trending section.

Although it is not all the songs you find here can be downloaded for free, but there are free songs. Most free songs and remixed tracks are given off by the artist on the platform.

10. NoiseTrade - Site Link


NoiseTrade is one website with various works of creativity by different artists. This platform is open for donations to support artist whom you like their songs. Most songs you will want to download here are free. But, if you need to download a full album, you will then have to sign up with your email.

After doing all that is required to download an album, the downloaded album will be in the form of a ZIP file. This ZIP file contains all the tracks in the album. Also, from the Top download and Trending section, you can easily find new songs to download. With this, you can groove to the latest and trending songs other people are listening to.

11.Internet Archive’s Audio Library - Site Link

Internet Archive’s AudioLibrary
Internet Archive’s AudioLibrary

On this website, you enjoy not only free music, but lots more. Some goodies here include podcasts, live music, radio program and audiobooks. You can access over 2 million free audio files on this website.

The website is a bit clustered. But music lovers can always find their way around the songs they want here. You can easily sort songs here based on creator, year of publishing, language etc.

Other filters you can use include; media type, most viewed, topics and subjects.

You can even find songs from mainstream artists such as John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran etc.

Here is the bomb! Any music you want to download, you can choose from a variety of formats before downloading. Typical of such formats are OGG and MP3.

Best Sites with Free Music to Download or Stream

Best Sites with Free Music to Download or Stream
Best Sites with Free Music to Download or Stream

All the paid music streaming websites you know such as Spotify, Prime Music, and Apple Music also offer a free trial period for downloading and listening to music.

All the websites listed above offer free music download. But not all songs/tracks can be downloaded for free though. We can only access most of them only when streaming free.

Best Free Music Download Sites for Maximum Entertainment

Many people keep asking what is the need to download free music when streaming seems better? One good answer to this is the fact that once you download a song into your device, you can listen to them anytime. It doesn’t matter whether there is a WiFi connection or mobile network available wherever you go.

We believe that this list was helpful. Keep grooving to your favorite free music from only the legally acclaimed free free music download websites.

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