10 Best Free Property Management Software 2023

by Toby Cunningham

If you have a promising property that can give you the extra money, knowing the best free property management software can help. Property or real estate is one type of business that keeps on growing. In most cases, its growth won’t be much affected by anything. Whereas other businesses may fail or down, the real estate will keep on growing. You don’t necessarily need to have millions of dollars of property to make money. Managing property rent is possible and it is profitable enough – it is at least able to give you the extra income.

List of Best Free Property Management Software 2023

If you have an extra business in the real estate sector, knowing the best free property management software 2023 can help with your management. After all, making sure that your property is well maintained isn’t easy. Not to mention that you should also deal with the finance, management, and other things alike. Having the software can at least help with effective management. Instead of dealing with the complicated management, the software will help making everything easier and more efficient. So, what are your best options?

Appfolio - Software Link


This app has been claimed as one of the best. In fact, most sources claim that this app is truly helpful and beneficial – in terms of management, use, and outcome. With the real time implementation and friendly user interface, property owner can expect tons of perks and benefits. There are plenty of options to like about this app. First of all, it comes with cloud system so the arrangement for student property, council, commercial, apartment, and residential can be managed easily. Not only it is good for professional managers or property owners, the app can be attractive for new clients and renters.

As one of the best free property management software 2023, this software is able to allow users access the maintenance track, business metrics, and also efficient communication between vendors, owners, and also renters. The app provides dedicated portal for owners so they can access statements and also reports. If you want an app that can screen possible renters and accept rental applications online, this would be the perfect option.

AppFolio Pros:

  • The app is super easy to use, even by beginners
  • The app is beneficial for both renters and also owners

AppFolio Cons:

  • It isn’t exactly free because users will have to choose which package will be suitable for their needs

Property TenantCloud - Software Site

Property Software TenantCloud
Property Software TenantCloud

Not everyone is dealing with many units of property – some may have less than 75 units. If the latter is your situation, then consulting this app would be the perfect option. The app is packed with features and it is free for less than 75 units – if it is more than that, then you will have to pay. Despite its free nature, the app is able to deliver good job. You can expect great flexibility and also easiness when using the app. For instance, the app offers a feature where two (or more) roommates can independently manage their own share of the rent. This is a rare feature that you won’t find easily from other apps.

As one of the best free property management software 2023, this app comes with nice user interface system along with intuitive technology. Everything is simple and yet pleasing – nice colors, minimalist visual design, and such thing alike.

TenantCloud Pros:

  • The interface is nice, accessible, straightforward, and simple
  • You can find a lot of features – surprisingly much more than the ones you can find from other competitors

TenantCloud Cons:

  • The customer service is a bit lousy – it is slow and it doesn’t have any follow up personalized outcome. You can’t even find the option to contact the company by phone
  • The cloud system isn’t the best, including the reports and accounting feature

Management Software Buildium - Software URL

Management Software Buildium
Management Software Buildium

This is another reputable and well-known best free property management software 2023 that is often used by the property owners. The app itself comes with various features that can be used for business operation, leasing tools, accounting, and management. Not only you can have an easy and fast access to the app, you can also use it for marketing (as well as finding tenants through online system). Basically, if you are looking for an app that can manage everything professionally and it comes with company grade coverage, this app will do it perfectly.

Buildium Pros:

  • The user interface is easy to use with attractive design
  • This is a flexible app that can be used for different kinds of properties
  • The app offers free trial period – which can be useful for those still having doubts about the app’s service and coverage

Buildium Cons:

  • It isn’t exactly a free service because you will have to choose a package. Although it provides free trial, the period will stop at some points and you will have to start paying
  • If you don’t mind spending extra money, the price is a bit high. Yes, it is expensive but it is worth it

Total Management - Software Link

Total Management
Total Management

Don’t let the appearance fool you. It may seem super simple and plain, but the features are super handy. The included handy features are the call log allowing you to track phone to the office. There are other features that can be handy and useful for the management. Some of the features are quite unique and rare because you won’t find them at other apps.

It isn’t an exactly a free service because you will have to choose a package and pay for it. But the package is super cheap when compared to other apps, making it one of the best free property management software 2023 for your personal and professional needs.

Total Management Pros:

  • Using the app is super easy and also convenient
  • The inexpensive package is a great option for businesses
  • The user interface is friendly and even fun

Total Management Cons:

  • It takes a while to learn the whole thing. The learning curve is one of the things most people don’t really like about this app
  • Don’t expect too much on the aesthetic design because the overall layout and design are pretty bland.

Rent Manager - Software Website

Rent Manager
Rent Manager

This is another popular app that can be super useful for property owners. One of the greatest perks is the flexible arrangement. Not to mention that it is also fast to set up and design. This is an app that can be used for all kinds of properties with flexible usage and arrangement. The app also comes with built-in creator which can be useful for anyone not familiar with the system. With this app, you can expect such things as integrated accounting, marketing plans, management database, and also contact management.

Rent Manager Pros:

  • The user interface is pretty simple and convenient

Rent Manager Cons:

  • The system can be sluggish and slow

Re-Leased - Software Link


If you have different kinds of properties and you are overwhelmed with the proper way to handle them all, this app would provide the best solution. It basically functions as the central hub for automatic workflow and task collaboration. If you are the owner, communicating with the tenants will be made easy through text messages and email.

Re-Leased Pros:

  • It is compatible with various operating systems
  • The management is made simpler for easier integration

Re-Leased Cons:

Don’t expect customer support because it has zero support. But despite this flaw, you can expect greater outcome and benefits from this app.

Which is the Best Property Management Software 2023

  1. Rent Manager
  2. OnSite Property Manager
  3. Propertyware
  4. Entrata
  5. TenantCloud
  6. MRI Residential Management
  7. LiveTour
  8. ActiveBuilding
  9. BuildingLink.com
  10. Angus AnyWhere
  11. Greenhouse PM
  12. Cozy
  13. Buildium
  14. ResMan
  15. AppFolio
  16. Building Engines
  17. Yardi Voyager
  18. RealPage
  19. SiteLink Web Edition
  20. TOPS Professional

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