Email Rich People for Money 2023

Billionaire Contact List

by Toby Cunningham

Email Rich People for Money 2023 (Billionaire Contact List) –It’s quite amazing that some well to do individuals give money to the poor and needy. Several great individuals do this to help people that need money for their well-being. However, some are not aware of this free benefit but need a medium of survival.

Email Rich People for Money 2023

Email Rich People for Money 2023
Email Rich People for Money 2023

The wealthy people in our society gives arms in various forms. This can either be direct giving of money through fundraising or various forms of events. They can also be goods donations to individuals or group of people. For those that are aware of this information, they would definitely seek for donation from these well to do individuals. There are several approaches through which you can ask wealthy individuals for money and a common method is sending them an electronic mail.

Asking for help from rich individuals within our society is a good thing for those in need. This is because it’s only those that have abundance that would be able to help them out. But, those in need should take note of essential factors before sending their mail.

You need to send a formal email to the wealthy people so that they would read it and you need to put some things in place so that they definitely do. This does not meal the wealthy people would read the mail but you should consider these points in your writing. Such consideration would give you an edge thereby boosting your chance.

Simple Steps to Email Millionaires For Money

When you want to request for money through mail from wealthy people, you should not send a randomly composed message. This is a wrong approach, rather you should carry out a good preparation as well as consideration. Below are crucial things you need to consider before hitting the send button.

1. Good Intention

You should make your intention clear and concise. This should be your first consideration because this will reveal you’re really in need of money. Moreover, the intention must be a good one because the recipient will discard bad ones. A good explanation likewise needs to back your intention so that your can convince the reader and also get the money.

2. No Lie

We have earlier stated that you need to state a good and clear intention. This implies that you will state the truth in the email sent. Although, you can provide a cooked reason or exaggerate your story but this would be a useless decision to make. This is because lies or sad story won’t convince wealthy individuals. Thus, it is crucial to say the truth and hit the nail on the head.

3. Efficient Message

Having made your request or clear and concise statement that shows your intention, you can then proceed to prepare your mail. Whenever you want to ask wealthy people for money, you need to send a clear message which would address your main need. Writing a long paragraph won’t be a good approach because you are sending an electronic mail. You should write your mail in a clear and concise manner.

Ensure you include the crucial point within the mail while making them concise. Ensure you describe yourself within the mail, state your intention and other essential things that would convince your receiver. Thus, this kind of email will establish an effective and efficient communication. Additionally, you should include an introduction, main as well as concluding paragraphs.

4. Try to be Kinda and Polite

It is crucial for you to be polite when making your request. You might be writing a mail but using a formal tone would be appropriate. The use of diction and grammar must be appropriate, and the message should not contain any form of ambiguity. This is important and you should thank the reader at the concluding section. Regardless of whether you’ll get a response or not, it is mandatory to thank the reader for checking the content of the email.

5. Have it as the First Person

You should write the content using first person’s approach. This would help buttress your reason when you send the mail. Also, use a story format of writing so that the mail will be profound.

6. Compose Good Subject

Make sure you include a good subject when you aim to send the message. Avoid the use of impolite or direct statement like “do grant my request as soon as you can”, “I so much need your assistance” and “you are the only one I look on to”. Ensure you avoid the usage of such statements both in the subject as well as the body of the electronic mail. The best approach is to use a polite and good words to express your feeling to get the needed assistance. Moreover, this is not limited to a bad situation. You can likewise seek for assistance to start or expand your business.

7. Review the Message

After typing the entire message, ensure you read it over and over in order to avoid any mistake. This would help you review the message before you send to wealthy people. The proper checking and recheck would help to make appropriate correction and also use the right words. Moreover, you can ask your friends to review the message to make it perfect. This would likewise certify that the points written will convince wealthy people to grant your request.

You need to consider many crucial factors. Although, these factors do not certify that the receiver will read your mail and you’ll get a response as expected. Rather, they would enhance the quality of your content as well as your writing skill. This is because you need to give a great impression and you can achieve this with the aid of polite, concise as well as convincing content.

Billionaire Mailing and Contact List

Bernard Arnault Paris, France
Larry Ellison Woodside, California, U.S.
Warren Buffettwww.letters.foundationcity Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
Jeff Bezoswww.deshaw.comcity Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.
Bill Gates Medina, Washington, U.S.
Mark Palo Alto, California, U.S.

List ofPeople Who Give Money Away Online

ListofPeopleWho Give Money Away Online
List ofPeople Who Give Money Away Online

Having studied the content above, the next stage is to find the wealthy people in our society. There is no point writing quality electronic mail content when you don’t have a recipient. It is crucial to have the electronic mail address of well to do people so that you can send the mail to them. For you to perfect the entire process, you need to have good references as well. Moreover, we have some references of wealthy people who are open-handed.

Warren Buffet - Url

First on the list is Warren Buffer who is the chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway. A reasonable amount of money has been directed towards helping people by him. He is also a philanthropist known around the world because of his zeal towards helping other individuals. Yet, he promised to donate some of his personal share in Berkshire a decade after settling his estate. Warren Buffer likewise pioneered a social organization called The Giving Pledge. The function of this organization is not limited to providing donations to people but likewise motivate wealthy people around the world to provide for the poor and needy.

Bill Gates - Url

Bill and Melinda Gates are on the list of well-known philanthropists around the world. They use their personal foundation to provide several donations to the needy and poor around the world. The couple use the foundation to help millions of people and have also visit unfortunate individuals by paying visit to different countries across the globe.

Mark Zuckerberg - Url

Like Bill and Melinda Gates, Priscilla Chan and Facebook founder have also contributed to helping people who are in need. Moreover, Mark stated that over 90% of his stock would be given for acts and donations. This amazing decision serves as a thing of joy to most people.

Chuck Feeney - Url

Included in the list of well-known philanthropists is Chuck Feeney. He is not the target of most individual that send electronic mail to wealthy individuals for money. Moreover, Feeney said that he adores giving his money and wealth while he is alive. Chuck Feeney use this medium to show gratitude for being alive and healthy.

Tim Cook - Url

Like Bill gates and Mark Zukerberg, Tim Cook is well-known for his generosity towards technological development. He is the chief executive officer of Apple and has contributed enormously towards charities. He has also shown his intention towards sharing his wealth towards good causes. He mainly addresses social issues such as defamation, poverty as well as victims of disasters. He likewise gives fortune as well as donations via organizations like Red Cross.

Ted Turner - Url

Ted Turner is also a reputable philanthropist and has contributed immensely towards wildlife and environmental conservation. He gives donations to UN foundation as well as many other organizations. He has also served as the chief executive office of Turner broadcasting.

K. Rowling - Url

Rowling is well known for “Harry Potter” which is a novel and her act of generosity. She started helping other people when she became an affluent author. Her generosity is directed towards children and women. This is why most people search for her email contact whenever they want to email rich people for money.

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