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by Toby Cunningham

Best Free Movie Site to Watch Movies Online 2023 - When ten Lumiere brothers first short a commercial, public screening of short films, they had no idea what they would give way for a century later. It was on March 22 of 1895 when their first screening took place in Paris. Exactly 200 people had attended that day to be blown away by the marvelous invention of Léon Gaumont - the director of the company and the Lumiere brothers. Their 1895 series of short films could be seen as the turning point of projected cinematographic motion pictures. Their films had attained a global success.

What Led to Best Free Movie Sites to Watch Movies Online

As often the norms of mankind to capitalize, It didn't take long and film production companies were established in many countries of the world. The earliest films were made in black and white, without sound and barely a minute long. It was still a spectacle to behold as many tourists and foreigners traveled all over the world to get entertained by these motion pictures. They weren't disappointed . But It was not until 1897 that the first film studio was built . By this time films became several minutes long and special effects including film continuity were introduced .

By the dawn of the 19th century, film production would achieve even greater height and development.

With the advancement in the science of film and cameras, film-makers got creative and begin to use editing techniques and film narrative. First, they were editing tricks like the one involving the putting to death of the royal highness of Scotland in "The Execution of Mary Stuart". The Edison company achieve the effect by substituting the actress with a mannequin for the crucial moment of the movie. Georges also made use of this stop motion skill when producing "The vanishing lady".

Then they were the double-exposure method invented by the English George A. Smith. Warwick Trading Company uses this technique to successfully create a transparent ghost.

George Smith didn't stop there and then initiated the reverse motion technique. The first film to benefit from this technique was "Tipsy, Topsy, Turvy".

More techniques were created and perfected by various film studios . The utilization of more than one camera speeds then began to spread after first appearing in the films of Hepworth and Robert Paul.

The Cinema of the United States , Hollywood, has a major impact on the film industry. Hollywood cinema soon became the leading organization in the film industry. It gave way to the birth of various genres such as romance, horror, musical, comedy, drama, action, war and science fiction.

Hollywood lifted and set the standard for other national film industries and has been doing so since the birth of the 20 century.

Fast-forward to the modern era, film making is at its greatest peak ever. Cameras, studio effects, and editing techniques can now virtually generate any real-life effect on a screen. Fictional and Imaginative effects can also be made possible on the TV screen. Blockbuster movies like "The Avengers-End Game" show how far the industry has advanced.

From history, we realized that the knowledge of movies is not just entertainment but also a historical landmark. It is a scientific accomplishment that has been getting better since the day of its inception. Movies are a part of technological evolution.

List of Best Free Movie Websites 2023

To appreciate this accomplishment, we'd be providing you with the best movie websites that are safe and legal.

The Roku Channel - Site Link

TheRoku Channel
The Roku Channel

Roku is more than just a movie streaming website. Roku has its television set and some other streaming devices. Roku's online streaming platform delivers an amazing user experience. It is renowned for streaming innovation. Roku has a large customer base even though it is restricted to the U.S alone. Roku has over tens of millions of monthly active accounts. It was reported on their website in 2017 that over 7 billion hours of video and music was streamed in June.

Roku Channel is Roku's movie streaming website. It hosts blockbuster movies such as Matrix series and Last Night. You can also watch popular TV shows like Gravity and Kitchen Nightmares. Roku Channel is very safe to use and it is also frequently updated .

Unfortunately, Roku is restricted to the U.S. alone. But you can bypass this by using a VPN.

Crackle - Movie Site


They are rarely any mention of the best movie streaming website without Sony's Crackle coming up. Nothing is surprising about that though. We didn't expect anything short of excellence when the giant Sony first launched Crackle. The best part about being owned by Sony is its connection with mega-media providers. Some of Crackles providers are Warner Bros, Universal Studios and Fox Digital. This means that you can find a lot of blockbuster movies and TV shows that you can't watch for free on other websites. Let's not forget to mention the added pleasure of watching these movies in HD. Crackle generates it's money from ads and commercials so you might have to be patient and watch a couple of them. Crackle is very safe to use and its contents are legal. The user interface is simple and very easy to use even for first-timers.

You would need to sign up though but it's worth it. With Crackle, you get a full genre of movies and TV shows. This ranges from Action, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy, Anime, Horror, Sports and so much more.

Unfortunately, Crackle might be restricted in your country. This is due to licensing restrictions. If this is the case in your country, you can always bypass it using a VPN.

Hulu - Movie Link

Best Free Movie Websites 2023: Hulu
Best Free Movie Websites 2023: Hulu

Hulu was launched in 2008. It is one of the best premium streaming websites. It has over 2 million subscribers in the U.S alone. Its service is top-notch and it provides its users with instant access to the latest TV shows from the United States' major channels. You can always follow the best U.S broadcast TV shows on Hulu. It provides award-winning TV shows such as The Handmaid's Tale, Castle Rock, Future Man, The Looming Tower and so much more. Hulu is not limited to TV shows alone, you can also watch documentaries, sports, and entertainment. Its sports service is from the famous 21st Century Fox. The CW, Walt Disney, Discovery Networks, NBCUniversal and some other companies are part of Hulu's arsenal.

Hulu requires a subscription fee but you would be given a free trial when using the site for the first time. The free account comes with limited content. You would not be able to download movies but you would have access to over 100 free movies.

The user interface is simple to use and you would be required to sign in. Hulu along with other sites on our list is highly recommended by us . This is because it is legal and safe and also provides one of the best movie streaming services.

Some of Hulu's upcoming originals are Four Wedding and a Funeral, Shrill, Catch-22, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Little Fires Everywhere and Ramy.

Unfortunately, Hulu is not available for most countries and special features are reserved for users in the U.S. This can be bypass by using a VPN or Proxy.

Yidio - Site Link


Yidio, also known as Your Internet Video, is the discovery platform gallery for movies and TV shows. Yidio was founded in 2008 and has over 15 million monthly users. Yidio makes available to its users, content from more than 180 different providers. Yidio has an online video guide that lets you search for more than 1 million movies and TV shows. You can search for these videos across free and paid video service providers like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. You would be required to sign up and join its 9 million registered users. Yidio is a site we would gladly recommend for you. It turns your smartphone and TV into a personal on-demand home theater.

The user interface is very organized . You can categorize all the content in one location by choosing the free filter. You can even add movies to the watchlist and make an order of movies you want to watch. Your watchlist movie order would be saved to your account even after you exit. You can always log in anytime later to continue from your watchlist or browse for other videos.

The users can sign up on the website and add movies to the watchlist section to view later. This feature is very useful for maintaining your collection of favorite movies.

Moving on to the UI, you can choose the free filter at the top and categorize all the content in one place. At the right, there are options to sort content by popularity, date, and genre. Moreover, you also get the option to sort the free movies by R, PG-13, PG, G, NR, and NC-17 rating.

There is a search bottom at the very top of the page should you have a particular movie you're looking for. Movies can be arranged in alphabetical order to make the search easier. And lastly , you can utilize the "Recently added" or "Popularity" option at the right hand. This is most helpful when you don't know what movie you want to watch. You can get familiar with what's trending through the popularity option.

Yidio is available and easily accessible by all countries

Pluto TV - Movie Site

Pluto TV

Pluto TV partners with major movie industries, TV networks, digital media organizations, and publishers. These partnership has made Pluto TV one of the best television streaming services in the U.S. Pluto TV provides over 100 live and original channels. Pluto TV currently has over 10 million users in a month. These users tune in to watch TV shows, premium news, movies, live events, sports, and cartoons. Pluto TV is backed by prominent investors like Scripps Networks, Ventures, USVP, Scripps, ProSieben, Sky and Samsung Ventures.

Pluto TV has its top free app and is available on all mobile devices and web.

In 2018, Pluto TV partnered with Warner Bros and MGM to add new and latest movies and TV shows

Unfortunately, Pluto TV is not available for all countries. This can be bypass by using a VPN.

Yahoo View - Movie Link

Yahoo View

Yahoo View is Yahoo's answer to a video streaming site. Its best contents are only available for residents in the United States. Yahoo's policy is strict so we can't guarantee you would get much luck with a VPN.

Yahoo View works very similar to Hulu. So if you love Hulu, chances are you would love Yahoo View also . Yahoo View has popular TV shows from top broadcasting networks like ABC, FOX, and NBC. Some of its other contents are documentaries and movie trailers.

A lot of Yahoo View videos are powered by Hulu. This means that many videos there are only available for a free trial. A time limit is given for most movies and series. Once the time expires, you would not be able to watch that particular movie. However, Yahoo View provides anime shows and many foreign sitcoms that you can watch without any limitation.

The site has a well organized and structured interface.

P2PGuru - Site Link


P2PGuru is a new vendor for your favorite movies and TV shows. P2PGuru was created to solve some pressing issues on the internet. In other to make things easier for the massive internet community, so many people have put in a lot in the making of the site .

An interesting point about P2PGuru is the no Ads feature it offers. P2PGuru is versatile as you can find almost anything as regards movies, TV shows, games, books, and music. P2PGuru gives you access to about 6,000 TV shows and 76,100 movies. It is very easy to navigate on the website because of its simple user interface.

P2PGuru gives detailed and relevant information about all the movies present on the website. IMDB rankings are also included in the details given on every movie present on the website. You don't have to worry anymore when it comes to getting access to the latest movies and TV shows. Interestingly, there is a section on P2PGuru where upcoming movies and highly rated ones are listed . Movies and TV shows you find on P2PGuru has high definition and good graphics. So you need not worry about viewing low-resolution movies.

I guarantee you an awesome experience on the P2PGuru website which provides amazing features like Notify-me button, Tailored Watchlist , Guru Ratings, and Quality Index. All these awesome features would, without doubt, give you a smooth entourage on the Website.

AZMovie - Movie Site URL


Movie streaming has become very common nowadays. Credit goes to various platforms which made it easy to access quality movies and TV shows right from the comfort of your home. Amazingly, AZMovie is one of those platforms that brings rich and awesome movies to your fingertips.

Registration is not required on AZMovie before you can access the movies and TV shows they provide. All you just have to do is to open the App and click on the movie or TV show you love. Movies are arranged in a simple and orderly manner in categories such as genre and year. And most importantly, a resourceful search filter is present to take care of whatever you might need.

AZMovie has a good ability that will make sure you stream your movies or TV shows without having a bad server error. AZMovie provides you with three different servers to choose from while streaming your movie or TV show.

The collections of movies provided by AZMovie are all in HD. During your exploration of the platform, I'll advise you enable Adblocker on your browser as AZMovie is accustomed to Ads.

FMovies - Site Link


Imagine viewing a long-awaited movie just after the first cinema release. Trust me, I know the excitement. Interestingly, FMovies brings to you the latest movies as they are released . Cool right!

With FMovies, you can stream your favorite movie and TV show, and it also offers the latest TV series like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Sherlock Holmes and lots more. FMovies is easy and simple to use. Movies are categorized by genre and there is also an efficient search option to easily find your movie or TV show.

FMovies is free and you can create an account to get yourself updated on new releases and also get notifications of recommended movies and TV shows. Movies are brought to you in HD, but recently released movies from the cinema are first brought in the CAM format.

Popcorn Flix - Movie WebSite

Popcorn Flix
Popcorn Flix

Most times you'll like to download your favorite movies and TV shows rather than streaming them online. Hurray! You can download all your favorite movies and TV shows with Popcorn Flix.

Popcorn Flix is a website owned and operated by the famous Screen Media Ventures. Popcorn Flix requires no registration or sign-up in other to use their platform. It also has a user-friendly interface.

A search bar is present on Popcorn Flix for easier navigation. You can use this to find your desired movies and TV shows. Movies and TV shows are also categorized into various genres like Romance, Horror, Adventure, Science Fiction, Documentaries, War and many more. Some of the popular movies that are featured include Tactical Force, Zodiac, Day Light, Song One Far Cry, One Way and lots more. Those movies can be sorted by "Title" or by " Most popular".

On the Popcorn Flix platform, you can get to know the most popular and newly launched movies. You can also get to know what people are Watching presently and also what has been recently added to the website. Popcorn Flix is accustomed to Ads but not annoying ones. You can just install or enable an Adblocker on your browser while streaming movies on the website.

Unfortunately, Popcorn Flix is restricted to some particular regions due to copyright-related issues. So you'll have to use a VPN server to gain access to the website.

Tubi TV - Site Link

Tubi TV
Tubi TV

Tubi TV stands out among the best movie streaming site you can find now. With Tubi TV, you can watch and download movies or TV shows of your taste. You'll also get access to the website without the need to open an account.

There is always a consistent addition of new and interesting videos to the website weekly. By this, you can expect your next release or episode at the end of the week. Interestingly, Tubi TV provides you with Apps available on platforms like iOS, Android, Amazon.

YesMovies - Site URL


Similar to Project Free Tv, this site on our list that presents itself as a search engine. Yes! YesMovies dares you to search for any movie you want. From the latest blockbusters movie to TV shows, YesMovies has it all. YesMovies does not host any of the movies though, it directs to third party sites. This explains why it has so many movies. YesMovies has a very good user interface. It's quite simple and all it's very organized. Its graphics are eye-catching and the movie page of the site can leave you awe. You can search for Movies as per country or region. Amazingly, YesMovie provides you the option to request for movies that are not available in their disposer. Interesting right?

YesMovies provides you with 35 genres of movies. Some of which are Action, Kung Fu, Horror, Musical, Hong Kong, Crime, History, Romance, Psychological, Mythological and so much more.

But YesMovie has an annoying downside. It constantly redirects you, in another tab, to ads site. You might as well prevent this by using an ad blocker.

Besides that, YesMovie is Fantastic to use.

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