Best Driver Updater for Windows 10

by Toby Cunningham

Drivers are software that assists the operating system and hardware of the PC to communicate and work effectively. When the PC drivers are out of date, the Windows 10 OS will not work properly on your PC. When this happens, the PC user may sometimes become frustrated and will want to do everything possible to get out of the problem. One of the most reliable solutions to get your outdated driver updated is using the driver updater software.

Summary of Best Driver Updater Software for Windows 10

All the software discussed here has its benefits and shortcomings. Therefore, the table below shows the pros and cons of driver updater software.

Driver Updater



Driver booster

  • It has a large library for the driver.
  • Restore point is created before updating the outdated drivers.
  • Follows the schedule plan to scan your outdated drivers.
  • There is no limit to the drivers you can download and update.
  • Internet connections are needed to perform scans and updates.
  • It has a paid version.

Driver Easy

  • A scheduled scan is supported.
  • It can be used anywhere.
  • It scans and downloads updates from its database.
  • Downloads are slow.
  • It can download multiple drivers.
  • It has a paid version.

DriverPack Solution

  • It installs outdated drivers without an internet connection.
  • Downloads and installations are done automatically.
  • The schedule scan is not supported.
  • The program is sometimes slow while in use.

Driver Identifier

  • It does not require internet services.
  • It is easy to use.
  • No settings are needed.
  • It has a portable program that performs the functions with a regular program.
  • No scheduled scan for outdated drivers.
  • You must have a profile created before using it.

Driver Talent

  • It can recover faulty drivers.
  • Download drivers faster and give their detailed descriptions.
  • It comes with a lifetime license.
  • You need to reinstall to change the present language.
  • It does not load the corrupt drivers on your PC.

TweakBit Driver Updater

  • Download certified drivers only.
  • It backup the drivers before updates.
  • Restore drivers in case of any error.
  • The interface is easier to use.
  • You need to register to enjoy full features.

Driver Reviver

  • It is user-friendly.
  • It has to restore point for outdated drivers.
  • No schedule scan of drivers

Driver Magic

  • It is simple and easy to use for beginners.
  • The scanning of the driver is fast and automatic.
  • Improve the speed of your PC.
  • It is not compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Best Driver Updater for Windows 10 in 2023

Today, I will be discussing the different driver updater software you can use for your outdated Windows 10 PC.

1. Driver Booster - Driver Updater Link

Driver Booster

Driver Booster is one of the widely used driver updater software in the world. It has incredible features that position it as one of the best driver updaters for your Windows 10 PC. When using the Driver Booster, a restore point is created to salvage any unforeseen circumstances while carrying out installation in the Windows 10 PC. Also, you can make a schedule for the scanning of your outdated drivers. The software also has features that allow you to check the specifications and workability of the new driver you are about to install and compare it with the currently used driver. The Driver Booster also checks the system for junks, files, and registry errors. With the disc defragmenter feature of the Driver Booster, the boot time of your Windows 10 PC can become faster. Additionally, you can download all drivers from its database without automatically redirecting you to any webpage. Also, there is no limit to drivers you can download and install in your Windows 10 PC.

Learn more about the Driver Booster software in the video below.

2. Driver Easy - Driver Updater Link

Driver Easy

This driver updater software supports almost all versions of Windows operating systems. The Driver Easy software helps its users to detect all outdated drivers effortlessly. It also has remarkable features which make it one of the best driver updater software you can use. The Driver Easy software has a built-in search engine through which you can search for the driver you want to update. It also has a large database of drivers whereby you can check through to select your preferred choice. With the Drive Easy software, you can backup and restore the drivers in your Windows 10 PC. You can also uninstall and delete your PC hardware drivers with the software. Additionally, the Drive Easy software enables you to schedule time to scan the drivers in your Windows 10 PC without an internet connection.

For more information about the Driver Easy software, kindly visit the video below.

3. DriverPack Solution - Driver Updater Link

DriverPack Solution

DriverPack solution is popular software that is used to update outdated drivers in the Windows 10 PC. The software locates outdated drivers and installs them automatically. DriverPack Solution software has amazing features that make it an excellent driver updater for Windows 10. One of the interesting features is its ability to be launched from a flash drive, external, and internal hard drive. It also has features that allow you to choose the method through which you can install the driver. It can either be manual or automatic. DriverPack Solution software enlists the outdated driver after completing the scan and allows you to choose the driver you wish to install. Multiple driver updates can be downloaded without an internet connection. Apart from Windows 10, DriverPack Solution software is supported by older versions of the Windows operating systems.

For more details about the DriverPack Solution, kindly check the video below

4. Driver Identifier - Driver Updater Link

Driver Identifier
Driver Identifier

This is one of the best driver updaters software that works without an internet connection. It also has an interface that is easy to use for the Windows 10 PC owners. The Driver Identifier software has excellent features that make it stand out amongst other driver updaters. The software carries out a wholistic scan of all the drivers in your Windows 10 PC. It also lists out the drivers you need to update. Also, you can save all the drivers in an HTML file for easy storage into your external memory stick. The Driver Identifier software supports older versions of the Windows operating system.

For more details about Driver Identifier software, kindly visit the video below

5. Driver Talent - Driver Updater Link

Driver Talent

The Driver Talent software is a professional driver updater that allows Windows 10 users to download multiple files for their driver updates. You can use the software without installing it. Driver Talent will locate and identify all malicious, outdated, and malfunctioning drivers. These drivers will be fixed with their latest version thereby makes it a unique driver updater to use. The installation of the updates downloaded for your drivers can be done without internet facilities. The software also offers its users its services in different languages. Driver Talent software has no limit to the number of files you can download. The software is compatible with previous versions of the Windows operating systems ranging from Windows 8 to XP.

For more information in Driver Talent software, visit the video below

x6. Tweakbit Driver Updater

The TweakBit Driver Updater is a driver updater that scans the Windows 10 operating system. The software has a simple interface that is easy to use. TweakBit driver updater software can be used to carry out a complete scan of your Windows 10 PC. It can either run as a portable or regular program. Both programs have amazing features that make it one of the best driver updater software. The new drivers are downloaded from any of the programs. No settings are required before using it. Furthermore, it still runs the scan for outdated drivers when your Windows 10 PC is idle. Also, it creates a backup for all the existing drivers in your Windows 10 PC. This software supports older versions of the Windows operating system.

For more details, kindly visit the video below

7. Driver Reviver - Driver Updater Link

Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver is a driver updater software that has a simple interface that makes it easier for new users to navigate. The software has a large library of drivers. You can choose any driver that is compatible with your PC. The software keeps your PC in good working condition by scanning all drivers in your PC consistently and updating the outdated ones. Before installing the updates, it creates a restore point for the current driver that is in use. The software is compatible with older versions of the Windows operating systems.

For more information, visit the video below.

8. Driver Magic - Driver Updater Link

Driver Magic
Driver Magic

If you need a driver updater software that will perform real magic to update the outdated drivers in your Windows 10 PC, the Driver Magic is the best choice. This software scans your PC's drivers, identify the outdated drivers, update, and rebuild them. The Driver Magic software has a plethora of drivers in its database to fix all your hardware issues. It also blocks malicious websites when connected to the internet. The Driver Magic downloads only drivers that are certified and genuine. The software helps you to optimize your PC performance after updating the outdated drivers.


The driver updater software discussed is unique, efficient, and effective to scan and fix the outdated drivers for your Windows 10. Kindly read through the feature to choose the one that is the best fit for you to have an awesome driver updating experience.

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