Would Windows 11 Affect Gaming Experience?

by Toby Cunningham

There have been lots of talks and anticipation about the release of the new Windows version. Six years have passed since Windows 10's 2015 release so we are all eagerly waiting for Windows 11. Microsoft claims that it is built for gamers, so we are expecting lots of improvements on that front. But what exact areas are going to be different and when can we get our hands on Windows 11?

In this piece, we will discuss everything we know about the new release and Windows 11 gambling with Auli Wälkky. Auli is an iGaming expert from Finland, and you can read more about her here.

Windows 11 Release Date

On 24th June 2023, there was a formal announcement that Windows 11 is on its way. The OS is going to give an improved performance that will enable faster web browsing. It will also feature a redesigned interface that is said to be more user-friendly and easier to understand. It will also give enhanced security and updates will come in smaller sizes.

Windows 11 Release Date
Windows 11 Release Date

The release date is set to be towards the end of 2023. The upgrade will be available for free for everyone who currently runs Windows 10 on their PC, but they will only be able to do this in early 2023.

How is Gaming Affected?

In general, all PC users should benefit from the new Windows 11, however, gamers will see an even bigger difference. The online gaming community is enormous, so it is no wonder that Windows 11's developers concentrated heavily on gaming integration. We have recently seen a blog post from Sarah Bond, Corporate President of Gaming Ecosystem at Microsoft where she points out three key areas of the update that will enhance the gaming experience:

  • Graphics
  • Speed
  • Game selection

These improvements will influence not only PC and console gaming, but also web-based games, such as casino games. For Finnish gamers, once you'll have Windows 11 up and running, visit https://netti-casino.biz/ pick a casino of your choice, and you will surely be impressed how quickly the games will load and how they will appear on your screen.

How is Gaming Affected?
How is Gaming Affected?

Casino games are very popular in Finland-Windows 11 gambling is going to be yet more immersive and visually impressive and hence we expect even more people to switch to online casinos from slot machines placed in supermarkets, bars, and pubs.

Now, let's take a look at the above-mentioned improvements that PC gamers can expect with Windows 11.


If you are a Windows Xbox Series S/X user, you are surely familiar with HDR visuals. HDR or high dynamic range takes games' visuals to a whole other level by bringing a much broader range of brighter as well as darker graphics. This technology is now also going to be integrated into the new Windows 11 providing a uniform gameplay experience to both console and PC gamers.


DirectStorage allows content to be loaded directly to the GPU. This means that your CPU will not be impacted, and you can expect to load games much faster. DirectStorage does require proper hardware, though that is typically reserved for gamers and powerful PC users. It is definitely worth the investment though, as even very complex games will load much faster with the use of DirectStorage. It is also worth mentioning that this feature is only available with Windows 11, so Windows 10 users will have to wait for the update.

Game Selection

Xbox Game Pass for PC will bring over 100 premium games to PC users. Game Pass is a membership program and with it, users will be able to download games on the PC. New games will be added regularly from both big game developers and smaller studios. The Xbox app is going to be built into Windows 11 so accessing the games will be made easy. Crossplay and cross-save Xbox titles will also be available, and a wide range of game titles can be streamed via xCloud.


The new Windows OS is expected to be released later this year and gamers will surely see many awesome improvements including amazing graphics, faster game loads, and a massive selection of games.

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